12 Frugal frontyard landscaping ideas

12 Frugal frontyard landscaping ideas

A beautiful front yard doesn’t cost a fortune but it does require effort. With little bit of creativity and the right tools, you can design a beautiful front yard for yourself without paying anyone thousands of dollars. If you’re thinking of giving your yard a new look, here are 12 front yard landscaping ideas for you.

1. Flower beds are beautiful

Flower beds are by far the cheapest and easiest way to give your front yard the perfect look. By simply adding a stone edge and flowers to the bed and with a snap you can have a beautiful yard.

Get the tutorial over here at Jenna Burger Design

Frontyard Landscaping ideas

2. Light up the darkness

Sometimes just adding a few light bulbs to your garden can give you the perfect look that you need. Lights can give your front yard an exquisite look and at the same time increases safety by making sure the path is visible

Frontyard landscaping ideas

3. Give your mailbox a makeover

When most people move into a new house, they inherit a broken down mailbox.

If you want a beautiful front yard its going to start from the mailbox. Check out this project by beneath my heart and you can design a beautiful letterbox for yourself.


4. Add a beautiful fire pit

The best part of adding a fire pit to your yard is that you can do that by your own. A country cottage’s circular fire pit patio could be the new look that could give your entire front yard a brand new look.

Brooklyn lime stone just completed their patio and it looks beautiful. Check out there complete tutorial HERE

5. Add a pond to your Landscape

Adding a pond can bring your front yard serenity and it will look lovely. However paying someone else to do it can cost a fortune that’s why I found the perfect DIY tutorial to build yourself a perfect pond.

Check out the complete DIY project by Oh My Creative HERE

6. Build a dry stream for your front yard

Now I’m pretty sure you have some great front yard landscaping ideas but what about a low maintainance one? A dry stream is the perfect solutions, it looks like a decorative garden feature and the best part, you don’t need any water for it.

According to Jan Johnsen “A dry stream is a good addition to the garden and address poor drainage issues”

I found the perfect DIY tutorial at Garden Therapy. You can check it out HERE

7. DIY a plant house for your hose holder

Now I’m pretty sure you’re tired of the tubing of your water hose. So instead of purchasing expensive hose holders from market it’s better to build one for your own.

DIY candy came up with the perfect house for your water hose, and this one is even better than the ones in the supermarket, you can place beautiful plants around this caddy.

Check out their complete TUTORIAL

8. Build a low maintainance water feature

Water features are eye-catching but hiring someone will cost a fortune. Therefore, you can build one for yourself. There are plenty of tutorials out there for the perfect water feature, however, I found THIS on handyman and it’s beautiful.

Check out their complete TUTORIAL

9. Build a mini vegetable garden

That’s a 2 for 1, building a vegetable garden for your yard won’t only make it look stylish but you will always have a stock of fresh vegetables.

Jan Ryan loves garden-fresh vegetables so much that she actually built one for herself. Here’s her complete TUTORIAL


10. Build a floating deck

Now if you’ve got a big yard why not DIY a floating deck? Floating decks create an illusion of a new place, you can drink a beer or get a sun tan or maybe both.

Granted creating floating decks can be very time-consuming and it maybe expensive even if you do it on your own but look at how beautiful it looks in the picture below. 

This was built by Caitlin Ketcham and here’s her complete DIY tutorial.

11. Create an island

Mike McGroatry, a gardening expert has made gorgeous mini islands in his garden. He plants trees of varying heights with lavender and laceleaf weeping Japanese red maple.

Check out his complete tutorial at Mike’s Backyard Nursery

12. Hide your A/C’s outdoor unit

If you’re like me you probably have a busted outdoor A/C unit and it is unpleasent to look at. However, there are ways to hide your unit and a build something beautiful around it, this blogger created the perfect screen to hide their A/C unit.

Check out the complete tutorial at Ugly Duckling House

13. Create a pathway

If you want to get to your garage or drive way without stepping on the lawn, a pathway might help you.

Elizabeth from Ohio Thoughts wanted a pathway from her back door to her garage and she made one using wood beams and concrete.

Check out her complete tutorial at Ohio Thoughts



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