12 Natural Lizard Repellants


Although lizards are considered to be safe, they clean up the environment by eating away the mosquitoes, spiders and other nasty critters, however, if you’re afraid of lizards you just want them gone. These small creatures come in different sizes ranging from 3 inches up to 6 inches. They move very fast and quite frankly they’re just unpleasant to look it. Now I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of many lizard repellants in the market but they come with another set of health problems. That being said, there are natural lizard repellants that you can keep around your house to get rid of them:

Egg Shells

Egg shells are natural lizard repellants because of their odor. The odor egg shells produce make lizards believe that there is a bigger, tougher creature residing which will keep them away from getting into your house in the first place.

Place some egg shells around the corners, doors and especially windows.

Coffee powder and Tobacco

Another very effective method to get rid of these creepy crawlers; combining coffee powder and tobacco makes a perfect natural lizard repellant. All you have to do is combine coffee, tobacco and place these small balls in every corner of your house. Either they’ll eat it or they will move on to your neighbors.

Lizards fear Peacock Feathers

It has been proven that lizards are afraid of peacock feathers. The reason is still not known but most commonly; these crawlers fear large birds that prey on them. So keeping a few peacock feathers might be the perfect natural lizard repellant.


Lizards hate the smell of garlic. While your house may smell of garlic but it will get rid of the lizards. By simply placing garlic cloves around corners, tiny holes, near the A/C will keep the lizards away.

Pepper Spray

Lizards can’t stand the smell of Pepper. Just make a solution of crushed black pepper, water and spray it in the place where there are lizards and just make wait for the magic to happen.

This natural lizard repellant remedy will make them run away. Spraying it in corners, the top of your curtains, under the stove and near the doors will do the trick for you.

Onions repel lizards and snakes

Onions have a bad odor which lizards and snakes cannot stand. Hanging some onions around the doors, windows and all other possible entrances might do the trick for you.

Since snakes can’t crawl over the walls, I personally keep onions on the corners of my main entrance and that keeps both the lizards and snakes away. Onions contain Sulphur which is a natural repellant to these creatures.

Phenyl Tablets

This is the oldest trick in the book. Just grab a packet of Phenyl Tablets from any store and place them around the house to repel the wizards.

Tabasco Sauce

Tabasco sauce gives away the same aura as pepper. Mixing 3 table spoons of Tabasco sauce with water and spraying it in the ventilation system, on the windows and behind the cupboards will keep the lizards away.

Cardboard them out of your house

For this method to work you will need to know where the lizards are actually coming from and be brave at the same time.

You can purchase cardboard lizard traps from any mart and they are cheap. Cardboard traps contain chemicals that help to lure them in and sticky surfaces to prevent them from leaving the box. Once you catch lizards, throw them out.

Cold Water

Again, for this method to work you have to be brave. Spraying some cold water directly over the animal will slow them down and then either you can catch them or kill them.

Naphthalene Balls

Apart from keeping insects away, naphthalene balls can also repel lizards. These moth balls can distract and ultimately remove these unsolicited guests.

Flypaper helps to

Flypaper isn’t only for flies. Just attach the paper on the wall and wait for the lizards to stick to it, you can easily throw them away if you’re not worried about getting your hands dirty.



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