How I Made My Clients Blog Go Viral


There were tons of materials out there when I started my first website. Everyone, from YouTubers to famous SEO experts had different methods to make a post go viral, me on the other hand followed a different route. A difficult but profitable route.

Coming in from a different field, I had ZERO knowledge about what a blog is and how it works. Each tip and trick I got from YouTubers and popular SEO experts had either a positive or negative impact on my website. Regardless, I trialed and implemented and sometimes I failed and sometimes I got a ton of visitors.

Circling back to the main topic of this Blogpost, here’s a blueprint of what I did and how I got #1 Google rankings in a country.
P.s. I even outranked Facebook. Love how this line never gets boring.

Title Tags

When I started my own website, I specifically remember that my website was on the 15th page of GOOGLE for each and every keyword I tried. That’s where I realized how my titles were different from the people ranking on the first page.

Let’s give you an example, let’s just say I searched for “5 ways to get rid of belly fat” and your blog’s title is “Belly Fat”. Now that is a very BROAD term and in the eyes of GOOGLE your blog just talks about belly fat but if your title had the same words as the searchers, VOILA, you’ll get a very high Click Through Rate and a lot of visibility from GOOGLE. That’s called relevance in SEO terms. In other words, how much of your blog is relevant to the users search.

Furthermore, your readers will know that you’re talking about ways to lose belly fat.

Plus, if you could get in more points and make your title “10 ways how to get rid of belly fat” you’ll provide users with more valuable information. Moreover, adding a big number and living up to the title is fruitful.

Be a Fixer and WIIFM

When I started my first blog, I didn’t know what I was writing.

As a matter of fact, one of my early posts was about “Sensitive Teeth”, not that much interesting now is it? And to my surprise nobody EVER visited that page (My blog has been running for about 2 years now). That’s the point where I realized that very few people want reasons and more people want solutions. Therefore, you should always aim on fixing someone’s problem.

Sadly, nobody wants to know about your personal life or your relationship with your cat (Not that it’s a bad thing). They want to know how to make money online. They want you to guide them, they want you to fix their problems.

WIIFM stands for “What’s in it for me?”. Take this blog post as an example, you’re reading this because you want to know some tips on how to start a successful WordPress blog. Therefore, you should provide content that’s useful to your readers.

So it all boils down to this, every post that you produce, make sure you are writing it from a reader’s perspective and not from your own.

Start using Pinterest and spice up your images

Always upload a profile picture of yourself on Pinterest. People want to know who’s talking to them and who are they talking to. One particular point that I would like to emphasize is to use Bright, colorful and stand out images. This goes a very long way.

When I started using Pinterest my images used to look like this:








Long behold when I realized that images are a huge factor for people, I changed my image. Here’s what it looked like after







Catchy and straight to the point image that my client provides teeth whitening services. If you’re just starting and you’re having a tough time getting followers, I would recommend changing your pin images. You can also spy on your competitors Pins and see what they’re doing.


Tests, Tests and More Tests

In the above example, you’ve seen how titles can be effective. Same goes for pins and blog post titles. From what I’ve learned from SEO experts that more than two titles for every image you create is absolutely necessary.

One of the best tricks that I learnt from a blogger is that when it comes to boosting your posts on Pinterest, make multiple pins with different images for every post. Don’t worry, it’s not a lot of work, you can use CANVA for this. Think up of a few titles and post those titles in images.


Chose the best boards out there

This is where the fun REALLY begins. GET YOURSELF ON GROUP BOARDS. Groups boards are Pinterest boards where the owner of the board decides to make you a contributor to their board. INSANELY POWERFUL. Your content, your images and you blog will be in front of thousands and thousands of people. Now that’s marketing on itself.

When I was new to Pinterest, I failed miserably. I realized that professional bloggers were not on boards that had a small number of followers, but they were on boards that were insanely powerful. Regardless, I did what I had to do and got posted in a lot of famous Pinterest Boards.

How do you get on these boards? Simple. Just pitch your content to the owner of the board. You can do this via messaging them on Pinterest or their email. The key to success for this part is to be EXTREMELY polite.


It Starts Now.

Content is king. If you’re new to blogging you’re going to hear this a lot. Put your time and energy into whatever you write. Nobody got rich/famous overnight. Creating powerful, empowering content is going to pay you back in ways you can’t even imagine.

When I started to work on professional website (Sorry, kind of bragging myself about me AGAIN!), it was terrible. I had sleepless nights, it didn’t get any visitors, it didn’t get my clients any customers but when I learned the mastery of it, I was UNSTOPPABLE. My clients websites got so famous that I literally was beating FACEBOOK’s website in search results in a country.

In the words of Master Shifu (Kung Fu Panda)

If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than who you are!

Don’t ever stop believing in yourself.


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