16+ ways to generate more traffic to your blog


There’s always this hope of starting a blog and getting thousands of visitors a day, sadly, when I started, I hardly got any visitors and new bloggers are facing the same problem. Which brings us to the question, so how do we get traffic to you blog?

With that amazing content that you’re producing day in and day out and you’re still getting no results, well there are around 16 plus ways where you’re lacking

If you’re reading this, you probably want more traffic to your small business or your blog. In this post I’m going to show how I increased my blog visitors to up to 4 times.

Your content or topic isn’t good enough

Traffic is not only generated because of your popularity but with content.  When starting any blog or website, you should consider two things:

  1. Your Topic
  2. Pick the type of content



If you write a blog post in which nobody is interested in, you’re not going to go far. Nobody wants to know about the relationship with you and your dog, people are searching for solutions, people want to lose weight in 4 days for their sister’s wedding, people want to know how to make money online so on and so forth.

So then there is the question of, how to get ideas on what to talk about?

That’s pretty simple, just do what you do best. If you’re a makeup artist, talk about makeup. If you’re a construction company, talk about the most economical ways to build a house. If you’re a dentist, talk about natural teeth whitening at home. All of the above listed examples have one thing in common, they’re solutions.

If you don’t have a profession or are still unable to decide on what to write about, think, really think about it. You can also lookup famous bloggers and see what they’re writing about, who knows maybe you can get ideas from over there.

If you do decide on a topic, looking for its popularity is pretty simple. Use the “keyword planner” by Google Adwords. It’s pretty simple and on the bright side, you can choose your location and look at how many people search for your product/services/solution.

  1. Type of content

Do you want your content to be shown as an infographic? A creative image? Or a blog post? That’s for you to decide.

I’m old school, I always like a long, lengthy and relevant blog posts but that’s just me. On a side note, lengthy and relevant are good for your SEO scores.

 Your headlines are boring

See what I did with my blog post over there? It’s a catchy headline and it points out to a solution. If I would’ve written “Simple ways to get traffic to your blog”, that would’ve appeared pretty dull.

I’ve got some bad news for you, whatever you write about someone has already written on it. The point is not to discourage you but to motivate you to write something better, write something that’s never been written out there.

I hate click baits, NEVER EVER write a heading that sounds too good to be true. Always write about facts, number and figures.

Work on your previous post

When I started blogging on my professional website, my first blog post was around 300 words and to this day that blog post has gotten ZERO hits, absolutely ZERO.

So where did I go wrong?

Firstly, it was a very dry topic related to Sensitive Teeth. I mean who searches for that

Secondly, there were no images. You always need good images for your blog to stand out.

Thirdly, I had a pathetic website.

Don’t make the mistakes I made, I nearly wasted 1 year on that website till I realized where I was going wrong. If you have a blog post written, refresh it, add charisma to it.

Add images to your website/blog

I wrote a post regarding “Laser Teeth Whitening” for a client and to this day it’s been one of my best blog posts. Why? Because I added images to it. Not stock images but on procedures that my client has done and some before and after results. I’ve even written about how you can use that for Facebook, click here to read about it more.

Personally, I believe stock images are just OKAY. If you put in your own pictures or projects that you’ve worked on you connect with the reader on a more personal level.

Mention your heroes

Somebody inspired you to start blogging, be sure to mention them in your blog. Once you do make it through, the least you could do is mention some.

Add your personal story and tell people how you started blogging and who inspired you. Don’t mention their name just for the sake of it, add their names if it brings value to your readers.

Reach out to influencers, tell them you’ve mentioned their name in your blog, who knows maybe they link back to you. You need a link from these influencers, why? Because if you don’t know already, links matter in search engine optimization.

Find out what is trending in today’s world

Let’s say if I have a fitness blog, what I would do to find out what people are searching for is go to Google Trends. For instance, keto diet has gained popularity in the past few years according to Google Trends.

Just type in your niche and Google will give you the popularity of it.

Note: This is different from Google Adwords.

You don’t only have to write about your niche

I started this blog on how to make money online, but in one of my Blog Posts I’ve given a DETAILED blueprint on how to build a website from scratch. And NO, it’s not just signing up for a hosting plan but a detailed process of how to add a theme, pages, blog post so on and so forth. Granted, that still comes under the topic of making money online, but it’s different on so many levels.

So let’s say you’re a wellness mama, you can show people how to save money, how to cut down bills etc.

The appearance of your blog matters

When I first build my professional website, it was BAD. I picked up a theme which I had no clue about and I made a huge mess out of it.

If you have a horrible blog, nobody is going to read it. Back then, I didn’t know that free themes can be taken to a whole new level by some tweaks and to this day my clients websites are still using a Free theme. You can check that blogpost HERE

Most importantly, page load time matters. I’ve seen FAMOUS bloggers who have an extremely slow website but they’re popular enough that it doesn’t matter. But you are a new blogger, just like I was. You need to put in effort in your blog design, page speed.

You can check out your page speed scores on the following websites

  1. Gtmetrix.com
  2. pingdom.com
  3. Google page speed insights

Personally, I like GTmetrix, they even give you optimization tips and that to for FREE.

Don’t work too hard on your blog

I hate pop-up windows; I assume the same goes for you. So before putting in anything you should ask yourself, do you need it? Is it important for your readers?

Granted it does make your website stand out a bit, but, pop-up windows slow down the website.

Link Out

Why have enemies, when you can have friends? (I’ve used this a couple of times in my blog now, sorry about that)

When publishing any piece of content, you need to engage with your users. Link out to other people so that they know you’ve done your research.

On a side note, I’ve seen that linking out to good websites is a ranking factor in Google.

Add links to your blog if you think that’s useful for your readers.

Add social share buttons to your website

If you haven’t noticed, in my website, I’ve added social share buttons to each page. Why? Because that’s how you make a website or a blog post go viral.

Just to give you out an example, look at Salt Bae, somebody shared a video of him and BOOM he’s famous now. That’s how powerful social media can be.

Create and share visual content

Visual content can be an important ally when you’re promoting your blog. You can make informative infographics and they can go viral.

I use, CANVA to create my images and infographics. Obviously you can pay someone to make an infographic but I never did that.

Personally, I haven’t gotten anywhere in infographics probably because I had a niche in which there is a limited number of infographics that can be made. However, famous bloggers and SEO experts such as Neil Patel believe that infographics are gaining popularity.

Get your readers email

Email lists can help you create a “Sticky Blog”. This can be very powerful. Quite often I’ve seen my inbox filled up with blog posts to people who I have subscribed. And if you have a good catchy heading it would be hard to resist your blog post.

Write compelling yet polite emails

A lot of bloggers send out emails but they lack politeness or they have a title which sounds like a click bait. For e.g. “This guy made 1000$ in 10 minutes”. I would never click that link because it’s click bait.

Writing compelling emails can accomplish wonders for you, you can get backlinks, you can get readers, so on and so forth.

On a different note, you don’t want to send emails to show your entire site, you have to have a goal for that email. Add only one post to each email and see where that goes.

Avoid penalties by Google

On my first website, I wanted to rank higher in search engines. That’s where I learnt about PBN’s and how strong are. Naturally, I purchased a few links and got a boost in my rankings, long behold, after 6 months those PBN’s were penalized and my website rankings dropped immensely.

You should build links more naturally. Never, ever buy PBN links. Firstly, because they’re expensive, secondly, you can get penalized and deindexed from Google which is going to cost you your entire website.

You should be active on social networks

As I’ve mentioned earlier, social sharing is the #1 way of growing your visitors. However, since you’re starting new you probably don’t have a following which is why I would emphasize on sharing your content by yourself. Ask your friends to share it as well.

I’ve found reddit to be a very good source of traffic, you should try it to. Remember, people in Reddit are smart, so contribute something that’s helpful to the users.

Do guest posts work?

I guess to some extent they do. It all depends on your niche and writing skills. Since I was running a dental website, I’ve never had a HUGE success with guest posts. As a matter of fact, most of my guest posts were about medical diseases and how to treat them.

But then again, it depends on your niche. The more competitive your niche is, the harder it gets.

So how can you pitch blogs to other bloggers?

That’s very easy, these search strings will help (Paste them in Google)

  • Inurl:” Submit guest post”
  • Your Keyword “guest post opportunities”
  • Your Keyword “guest posts wanted”

Goodluck and Godspeed!


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