Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

Low carb breakfast ideas

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day and yet the most difficult one for most dieters. Owing to the fact that mornings are hectic and let’s be real, sometimes you don’t even what to eat which inspired me to look for the best low carb breakfast ideas that can get you in shape.

The beauty about this blog post is that each item on this list requires little to no prep time and can even be made in large batches and frozen for every morning.

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Without further ado, here are 16 best low carb breakfast ideas

Low carb pancakesLow carb breakfast ideas

Now you know breakfast feels pretty much empty without some pancakes. These thick, fluffy and delicious pancakes can be made in under 10 minutes. Your kids are going to love it.

Above all, the cream cheese and almond flour is going to keep you full till your lunch.

Checkout the recipe here: Keto Nosh
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Low carb Mexican frittata recipelow carb breakfast ideas

The mexican frittata is a delicious, wholesome recipe and it’s pretty easy to make to. With a total calories of 285 per serving, this recipe has everything that you want in a heathy low carb breakfast.

You can add some cheese to these frittatas if you’re on a high fat diet, either way this recipe is just flavorful.
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Check out the recipe here: Real foods real deals

Low carb banana blueberry muffinslow carb breakfast ideas

Occasionally I do like to have something sweet for my mornings with a cup of coffee which is why I had to include banana blueberry muffins to the list.

These blueberry muffins are keto friendly, contains no added sugar and are packed with nutrition.

Check out the recipe here: The big apple mama

Low carb breakfast pizzalow carb breakfast ideas

Who said low carb diets are boring when you can have pizza in breakfast. This pizza recipe is pretty simple and the only cooking utensil you will require is a cast iron skillet.

Over and above that, each serving has 2.1 grams of net carbs. You can also get innovative with this recipe and add whatever toppings that you like, pepperoni and bacon are my go tos.

Check out the recipe here: My life cook book

Low Carb Peanut Butter Granolalow carb breakfast ideas

I’m a HUGE fan of granola bars which is why I had to look for an alternative and I stumbled upon this recipe. The peanut butter granola recipe is sugar-free, low-carb and above all, dairy-free so if you’re lactose intolerant you definitely need to give this a try.

With only 6 ingredients, this granola recipe is as easy as it gets. Most importantly, you can make a big batch and freeze it for the mornings to come.

Check out the recipe here: Joy food sunshine

Low Carb Sausage and Egg Casserolelow carb breakfast ideas

With a total prep time of 20 minutes, these casseroles are amazing. Plus they’re super nutritious and so fulfilling.

These casseroles are 425 in calories per serving which makes them unbelievably healthy. Moreover, it has 21 grams of protein if you’re keen on gaining some muscle and getting rid of the nasty fat.

Plus, it’s also a perfect dinner recipe for when you have guests over.

Check out the recipe here: Buns in my oven

Low carb breakfast pepper ringslow carb breakfast ideas

Having some proteins in your breakfast is one way to kick your metabolism and what’s the perfect source of protein? Eggs. The low carb breakfast pepper rings combines some of the best sources of protein and gives one heck of a flavor.

The recipe is pretty plain and simple to, throw some pepper rings in a skillet, add an egg to each ring and top it off with a table-spoon of parmesan cheese, that’s just it.

Check out the recipe here: Keto size me


People who are following a low carb high fat diet often do forget that they need to keep up with their fiber intake, although there are many commercial products to increase your fiber levels but the spinach mushroom and feta crustless Quiche recipe is a better alternative. And it tastes extraordinary.

This recipe is highly customizable and can go with almost anything you add to it. The cheese crust adds a ton of flavor and it’s going to keep you full till lunch.

Check out the recipe here: Budget Bytes

Low Carb Homemade McGriddle Sandwichlow carb breakfast ideas

If you’re looking for something sweet and salty in your mornings then the low carb McGriddle sandwich is for you. I mean come on, it combines some of the tastiest low carb ingredients which include maple syrup, bacon, cheddar cheese, pancakes and eggs.

You can fill this up with any type of filling you want but don’t mess with the buns because they are truly to die for.

Check out the recipe here: This moms menu

Low Carb Bacon cheddar onion sconelow carb breakfast ideas

This recipe is by a blogger who got inspired by scones from a French bakery she worked at. It’s full of healthy fats and comes in with 4 grams of fiber with each serving.

Check out the recipe here: Mouth watering motivation

Low carb breakfast burritoslow carb breakfast ideas

These burritos are super keto friendly, packed with proteins and are VERY easy to make. These burritos are wrapped by an egg wrap and the filling contains sautéed onions and peppers. Add a breakfast sausage and you will have a protein bomb. You can also add a little bit of spinach to give it bulk, color and to make it a fiber rich breakfast.

Furthermore, the final product is freezeable so you can make a big batch for the whole family.

Check out the recipe here: My life cook book

Low Carb Mozarella Dough Bagelslow carb breakfast ideas

Just because you’re on a low carb diet that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while you’re at it. Bagels are a true delight but has a ton of carbs pack in them which is why you need to try the low carb version of it.

With a total prep and cook time of 25 minutes, these bagels are effortless to make, are extraordinarily delicious and require only a few ingredients.

Check out the recipe here: Ditch the carbs

Low Carb Cinnamon Sugar Donutslow carb breakfast ideas

Personally, I love a donut with some strong coffee which makes this recipe REALLY special for me. These donuts are super light, simple and they leave a sweet sensation in your mouth that can satisfy your morning sweet-tooth.

These donuts have 257 calories per serving with a whooping 6 grams of fiber. Oh and they only require 10 minutes. Told you, super easy.

Check out the recipe here: Mouth watering motivation

Low Carb Keto overnight ‘oats’low carb breakfast ideas

If you’re following a low carb high fat (keto) diet I’m sure you miss your overnight bowl of oats which is why this low-carb, gluten-free and dairy-free overnight ‘oats’ recipe is the perfect replacement.

You just need a couple of ingredients soaked and you will have this wholesome goodness in the morning. Top it off with some raspberries and nuts.

Check out the recipe here: Healthful pursuit

Low carb waffleslow carb breakfast ideas

I love how food bloggers have come up with healthy alternatives to almost everything, even waffles, the flourless low carb waffles contain only 4 ingredients so you can assume they’re very easy to make.

These waffles don’t require any flour not even almond or coconut flour, the exterior is nice, crispy and the inside is soft and mushy. The main ingredients are eggs, almond butter, erythritol and gluten-free baking powder, it’s pretty much effortless.

Check out the recipe here: Wholesome yum

Low carb breakfast recipes
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Low carb breakfast recipes
Owing to the fact that mornings are hectic and let's be real, sometimes you don't even what to eat which inspired me to look for the best low carb breakfast ideas that can get you in shape.
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