Low carb mexican side dishes

Let us get one thing straight, Mexicans know their spices and their dishes are just so flavorful. I’ve tried pretty hard to stay away from Mexican food but the texture, the flavorful spices and their thousands of recipes always bring something new to the table. So I started looking for alternatives when I shifted to a low carb diet, specifically for some low carb Mexican side dishes to go along with my meals.

This list might be subjective because most people won’t even consider these recipes as side dishes but to be the main course. Regardless, here are some of the best low carb Mexican side dishes I found on Pinterest, they’re simple, easy to make and they taste wonderful.

Low Carb Mexican Coleslaw

Coleslaw goes with almost anything, burgers, chips even with fish (At least for me). If you’re big on Mexican food you definitely need to try this recipe.

This low carb Mexican side dish only has 5 grams of net carbs which means it’s super healthy and moreover, it’s full with fiber. Each serving is about 137 calories so you can eat a lot of it and not feel guilty.

Check out the recipe here: Ditch the carbs

Low carb Mexican cauliflower rice

If you’re on a paleo or keto diet you always tend to miss the “normal ricey” sides. Shift to this low carb Mexican cauliflower rice and you will forget about those nasty sugar-full sides.

With rice being replaced by cauliflower, this is suitable for paleo and keto dieters. It’s full of flavor, mildly spicy and requires no effort.

Check out the recipe here: Paleo Grub

Crispy Oven Fried Garlic Mushroom

These mushrooms are phenomenal, you can serve them as appetizers, as a snack, and as a side dish.

I personally love these mushrooms as a snack but I tried it once with a low carb pizza (Check that out here)  that I made for the family and they loved it. The hotness of paprika, the nutty taste of parmesan and the peppery taste of olive oil really bring out the flavor of mushrooms.

Check out the recipe here: Beauty and the foodie
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Keto beef taquitos

Probably one of my favorites from the list probably because I love beef. It takes me around 30 minutes to makes these taquitos but I’m really slow when it comes to cooking.

The beef taquitos are keto friendly and are seriously packed with healthy, nutritive ingredients. You can also use chicken instead of beef and it makes a perfect side dish and can also be served as an appetizer for the super bowl. Pour in some sour cream on the side and you will have the healthiest low carb high-fat side dish.
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Check out the recipe here: Officially gluten-free

Low Carb Stuffed Peppers

These stuffed peppers are more of a low carb high protein side dish, they taste absolutely amazing and the recipe is keto friendly.

The sautéed onions and the melted cheese really gives an exquisite flavor to the ground beef. If you ask me, these stuffed peppers make the perfect low carb side dish for a bbq but that’s a personal preference. Either way, these are phenomenal.

Check out the recipe here: Mess for less

Low carb creamy chicken stuffed peppers

Another stuffed pepper recipe? Well don’t get me wrong but stuffed peppers make an awesome low carb Mexican side dish.

This recipe is pretty unique in the sense that it uses Greek yogurt cream cheese which is healthier than conventional cream cheese and contains a good amount of proteins.

Low carb creamy chicken stuffed pepper is truly a spicy dish and furthermore, you can use any bell pepper that you like.

Check out the recipe here: Tone and tighten

Mexican roasted zucchini

Your plate looks much healthier if you’ve got a vegetable side dish. Personally, I like zucchini anyway but this recipe takes it to a whole new level.

The cojita cheese and lime juice on top of zucchini makes this side dish to die for and it’s pretty easy to make. Plus, the addition of lemon juice makes it last for a very long time in the fridge.

Check out the recipe here: Bowl of delicious

Low carb rice with cilantro and lime

Who says you can’t have rice in a low carb diet, this low carb Mexican side dish uses shirataki rice and it tastes extraordinary.

Furthermore, the rice itself has zero carbs but cilantro and lime do add a few carbs to this side dish. With total carbs of 3 grams, this recipe is probably one of the lowest carb recipe of the entire list.

Check out the recipe here: Step away from the carbs

One pot cheesy taco skillet

The cheesy taco skillet is probably one of the meatiest side dish from the list.

The one pot cheesy taco skillet is fairly easy to make, full of good protein because it uses ground beef and the peppers, onions especially green onions make this side dish so flavorful.

Check out the recipe here: Sweetcsdesigns

Mexican roasted broccoli

This recipe for all keto lovers. I don’t know if you’ve experienced high cholesterol levels by following a keto diet but I have and I seriously had bad LDL levels, so I started looking for food that was rich in fiber to lower my LDL levels and that’s when I stumbled upon this recipe.

It’s simply delicious, you will never look at broccoli the same way. This vegetable side dish’s main ingredients include broccoli, fresh cilantro, and lime. Toss these ingredients in the oven and you’ll have a low carb high fiber side dish. You still need to check out the recipe though.

Check out the recipe here: Tasty ever after

Low Carb Chile Relleno Casserole

This recipe is as Mexican as it gets. The green chilies on top of ground beef taste extraordinary and it’s extremely hot, the cheese on top adds an extra flavor to the ground beef making it a fat bomb and a perfect side dish.

The recipe recommends cheddar cheese but sometimes I like mozzarella but hey, that’s just me.

Check out the recipe here: Easy Health LLC

Low carb pickled Jalapeno

If you want to keep your low carb Mexican side dish simple, why not try these pickled jalapenos. This recipe can go with almost any meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner, that doesn’t matter.

If you’re a newbie in the kitchen like me, this recipe is pretty straightforward.

Check out the recipe here: Isabel Eats

Red enchilada sauce recipe

If you miss chili ketchup, you definitely need to try this recipe. The red enchilada sauce recipe almost goes with anything but it’s super tasty when you’re having it enchiladas.

This recipe uses Abuelita Mexican chocolate (A chocolate used to make hot chocolate drinks. Oh and check out these winter hot beverages) which makes it tasty, sweet and hot at the same time. It only has 6 grams of carbs which is why I like to call this sauce, the ketchup replacement sauce.

Check out the recipe here: Isabel Eats

13 amazing low carb Mexican side dishes
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13 amazing low carb Mexican side dishes
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