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Start on WordPress

I made a very detailed post about how to create a blog with SiteGround. Regardless of what you do, never ever pay a developer to create a website if you can do it yourself for free.

You can always use Blogger or the free version of WordPress but I won’t recommend it. Always get a hosting plan (You can learn about it HERE). I guess you should ask yourself whether you want a beautiful website like the one you’re on right now or something like this:

Do check out my blog post on how to create a WordPress blog and you can create a website for just $63.

I guess the worst mistake that I did while creating my first website was that I spent a lot of time on Blogger and the return on investment was ZERO. It may sound AMAZING that you can get a free blog from blogger, I will always advice to start from WordPress.

You can get a professional website for just $63, that’s very affordable.

Find what you’re passionate about / niche

This is more of a tip than a necessity. For me, I know how to make money online, so naturally I started my BLOG regarding ways to make moeny. However, there are thousands of topics out there. That’s the beauty of the internet you can talk about anything if you’re good at it.

Think of the internet as a GLOBAL customer support, if you give your readers valuable information they’re going to come back again to read more about you and your blog. You should look for a niche that you’re passionate about, a niche on which you can write about for years and never get tired.

Some Ideas include:

  • Lifestyle
  • Parenting
  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Health and Medical


Don’t sound like a machine

If you start your Blog without addressing the readers, that won’t end well for you and your Blog. You should put yourself in their shoes and think of why would they want to read your blog in the first place and is it different from the other Bloggers out there?

Which brings me to my second suggestion, always write a killer ABOUT ME section. People love an inspirational, uplifting story, people love a hero. You should have the ability to turn something boring into a Masterpiece. It has to be true.

Provide your users with high quality content.

If you’re going to try, go all the way. There’s not only the part of only starting a blog but you have to make sure that you provide a good user experience. Trust me, this is going to help you rank higher in search results.

If you’re just creating out blog posts just so that you can have a beautiful website, you’re wasting your time and your visitors.


Get on social media

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are an absolute necessity if you’re starting a blog. Have a look at the shiny buttons on the starting of the blog post, you can share it on your account and your followers, friends can have a look at it. See what I did there? I just promoted my content for free.

That’s why it’s absolute necessary to keep your social profiles up and running


Stats don’t matter

It doesn’t matter if your blog is not getting hits when you start it. I guess my 2nd biggest mistake when starting my own website was that I used to check my competitors Domain Authority, Page Authority and what not, don’t get me wrong it was useful. But I was missing the biggest ranking factor and that was QUALITY CONTENT.


Make sure all your blog pages are up and running

Doesn’t it get frustrating when you click on a link and it goes nowhere? Never do that. Always make sure that the links you’ve posted on your blog post are running.


I don’t recommend using CAPTCHA

I just find this extremely annoying. You type the letters perfectly and somehow it still doesn’t work. Sure you may get a few spam mails here and there but there are plugins that can help you with this.


Plagiarism is an absolute NO NO

Spin the topic, spice things up a bit. Write unique content. Even if that topic is covered write something that adds value to your readers.

Take this blogpost for example, I’m a 100% sure that everyone has written on this but I think I’ve done a decent job by adding my opinions to it.


Who are your readers?

For e.g. this blog is related to making a WordPress blog and making some money, so my ideal readers are going to be “People who want to make money online”. You should center your content around your readers, tell them what you did and how you did it. Remember, people love a hero and they love a personal story.


If you don’t have time to read a blog, then your users don’t as well

Never write long, boring blog posts. Your users are going to lose interest. Take this blog for e.g. brief and on point.


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