Winter is just around and there is nothing better than a winter hot beverage. Everyone loves a good cup of coffee/hot chocolate in winters, you can take it up a notch, take out some of those fancy cookies and enjoy these drinks in those windy nights.

Here are a couple of winter hot beverages that I’ve found tasty and healthy

MEXICAN MOCHAWinter hot beverages

This food blogger added a twist to her regular cup of coffee by adding a few Mexican spices and it tastes GREAT. Just adding 5 ingredients and you will have a thick creamy drink in your hands in no time and it’s only 363 calories per serving.

Check out the recipe here: Life currents blog
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Blackberry Hot Chocolate

This list would be pretty empty without a hot chocolate beverage. We both know that blackberries and chocolate go well together. When I tried it, it had a sweet tinge to it and I could almost taste the individual flavors.

Furthermore, your kids are going to love this drink.

Check out the recipe here: Little sugar snaps
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Maple Chai Latte

Maple chai latte is a combination of the subcontinent, india with an american touch to it. It’s the best of both worlds, this sweet yet subtly spicy warm beverage is the perfect choice for winters.

And the best bit, maple chai is both a summers and winter drink. With a prep time of just 5 minutes and just a few ingredients, you can get this wholesome drink.

Check out the recipe here: Through her looking glass

Oreo Hot chocolate

You know it’s going to be a good hot drink when you combine oreo, milk and cocoa powder. Oreo hot chocolate is the ultimate drink for a chilly weather.

Add whipped cream on top and crushed oreo cookies and you’ll have a mouth-watering drink in front of you.

Check out the recipe here: Wonky Wonderful

Lavender Latte

Unlike most recipes, lavender latte doesn’t require any fancy equipment to be brewed. I’ve read a lot about how lavender is good for headaches and migraine attacks, it’s a win-win, you can get a mouth full of this creamy goodness of floral flavors and get rid of those nasty headaches.

Above all, you can get a thick, creamy lavender latte without the use of an espresso machine, all you have to do is pour some milk into a mason jar, throw it in the microwave and shake it for a few seconds and you will get foamy milk that you can use for anything.

Check the recipe out here: Fox and Briar

Peanut butter hot chocolate

This is for all you peanut butter fans out there and keto lovers. Peanut butter hot chocolate is full of nutrition, packed in with healthy vitamins, antioxidants and is just delicious. Furthermore, if you’re following a ketogenic diet; replace the milk with coconut milk and add dark chocolate instead of regular, sugary chocolate and you will have a keto friendly drink.
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This peanut butter drink is pretty much for everyone your friends, family, kids and it’s pretty simple to.

Check out the recipe here: The happier homemaker

Pink Velvet Hot Chocolate

Pink velvet hot chocolate can warm you up in winters and can score you some points on valentines day. Upon trying it myself I couldn’t have enough of this pink goodness, as a matter of fact, i started drinking it after every other night before going to sleep.

The cream cheese, vanilla extract, chocolate chips all come together to give you this indulging drink.

Check out the recipe here: Crayons and Cravings

Earl grey vanilla tea latte

If you’re british or a fan of tea and are reading this, the earl grey vanilla tea latte or the “london fog” is the drink for you. I had to include this mouth-watering drink to the list because I’m more of a tea lover than a coffee lover. For all tea lovers, you’re going to enjoy this. Plus, you can make a lot, store it in mason jars (it won’t go bad) and have it in the chilly days to come.

Furthermore, if you’re on a diet, this drinks recipe doesn’t have any refined sugar and uses low-fat milk.

Check out the recipe here: The busy baker

Slow cooker pumpkin white-hot chocolate

Milk, pumpkin, cookies and cream, what more could you possibly want from a drink. The pumpkin white-hot chocolate with its creamy texture and delicious flavoring will keep you cozy in those chilly nights.

Plus, it has 0 carbohydrates in it so it is keto friendly but the cook time for this drink is 3 hours.

Check out the recipe here: Tournadoughalli

Eggnog Hot Chocolate

Christmas is around the corner and well, it gets really chilly at that time which is why you need to try this Eggnog Hot chocolate.

Furthermore, this recipe has a total preparation time of 15 minutes, can be served to guests, requires little to no effort and this will make your house smell absolutely wonderful.

Check the recipe here: In Katrina’s Kitchen

Strawberry White Hot Chocolate

If you’re a fan of strawberries like I am, you’re going to love this. This white-hot chocolate recipe for winters has strawberry puree which makes the drink even more enjoyable.

With a total prep time of 20 minutes for start to finish, strawberry white-hot chocolate just like pink velvet hot chocolate is perfect drink for your loved one on Valentine’s day.

Check out the recipe here: A latte food

Cheesecake hot chocolate

This list just got a whole lot better, I was searching for some cheesecake recipes and I stumbled upon this beauty. A cheesecake in a cup, YUM.

Now i know all of you working mothers who are pretty much caught up with bringing up children don’t have the time to get yourself some cheesecake let alone make yourself one which is why this is the drink you need to satisfy your cheesecake cravings. Just 20 minutes and you will have this wholesome goodness.

Check out the recipe here: Chocolate Moosey

French hot chocolateHot chocolate drinks for winters

This european drink isn’t just any hot chocolate drink for winter, it’s full of dark chocolate and heavy cream. Erin got inspired by this drink the first time she drank it in Paris when she was 16 and according to her, it’s the best chocolate drink she ever tasted, I don’t doubt that either.

Check the recipe here: Well Plated 

13 winter hot beverages to keep you warm
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13 winter hot beverages to keep you warm
Winter is just around and there is nothing better than a winter hot beverage. Everyone loves a good cup of coffee/hot chocolate in winters, you can take it up a notch, take out some of those fancy cookies and enjoy these drinks in those windy nights.
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